"Thank you to all our friends and members for all the kind words."
- Jack Leibert.President

It is just so refreshing to actually talk with someone of your caliber that has a genuine interest in the organization 
and is willing to go the extra mile for us, thank you Jamie!  We want you to know how much we appreciate having
you as our manager!"

Don M., Homeowner

"Just a note to thank you for your hard work and assurance of good service. Your persistence is appreciated.”

Jacque L., Board Member

“As President of Artisan HOA I want to take this time to acknowledge one of your staff for all she has done for us. 
Amber has been our best Manager we have ever had at Artisan Commons and believe me we have had our
share of bad managers. Amber is a great asset to your firm.”

Dick T., Board President

“One of the reasons we left our former management company was over the financial statements. They often had
errors and we could not understand them.  Community Management & Consulting did as they promised. Reports
are timely and are easy to understand.”

Myrna P., Board Treasurer

“We thought we had an excellent insurance program. But through Community Management & Consulting’s
continuous efforts to help us cut costs, our insurance premium will decrease by 40% this year.”

Dick J., Board President 
“We, as a board, really like working with you, Katie! You’ve been a breath of fresh air for us.
Thank you, for
diving in head first with us, as a board."

Kim H., Board President

"Our community had been self-managed for many years. After Community Management & Consulting
began managing the association it came to light that property taxes on the common areas had not been
paid for several years and discovered more than six thousand dollars in outstanding taxes had accrued. 
CMC appealed the assessment rate and had the parcels assessed AS common area parcels.
The delinquent taxes were waived and we received a check in excess of $4,300.”

Quentin B., Board President

“Community Management & Consulting began management of our association less that 45 days ago.
They questioned the suspicious charges imposed by Allied Waste. After evaluating the number of waste
receptacles and the frequency of collection, our bill was reduced from $1069 to $540 a month.”

Sarah C., Board President

“Recently, a sign was destroyed on the corner of our property in an auto accident. Many professional bids
priced the replacement at more than $6,300. Jack Leibert suggested we have the handyman who works for
the association fix the sign. Reluctantly, we met with the individual who convinced us the monument sign
was basic block construction. The work was done for $2,000, saving the home owner’s more than $4,000 –
money we are able to use for other projects.”

Stan G., Board President

“I want you to know how pleased we are with Amber Sharp as our manager.
Your company is doing a great job for us.”

Tip C. Board President

“Over the years Jack Leibert of Community Management & Consulting has encouraged the board to
increase assessments in order to build community reserves. This has been good advice as the special
assessment process is typically very difficult. We appreciate their discipline.”

Alan B. Former Board President/Homeowner 

“We signed up with Community Management & Consulting...and in less than 3 months our manager discovered
that we were paying a neighboring property's SRP bill. We also found that our payments total close to $50,000,
thanks to their diligence we are seeking a 'BIG' refund from SRP...Thank you, CMC!"

Susan S. Board President


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